Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

 DD-BB-01 Backside
 DD-BB-02 Pin Buckle
 DD-BB-03 Pin Buckle
 DD-BB-04 Backside
 DD-BB-04 Front
 DD-BB-05 Front side
 DD-BB-05 Backside
 DD-BB-06 Front Side
 DD-BB-06 Backside
 DD-BB-07 Pin Buckle
DD-BB-01 Front Side

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Damascus Cufflink...

Damascus Twist Earrings...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Damascus Table Set

Damascus Table Set... Pattern: Square Skew for Spoon and Fork and Twist for Knife.

Damascus Anchor Pendant

Damascus Anchor Pendant, Size: 2.5 Inches

Damascus Antique Looking Drop Pendants

Drop Pendants, Size: 1.4 Inches and 1.75 Inches,


Old Lock Pendant, Pattern: Raindrop, Size: 2 Inches and 2.5 Inches

Damascus Diamond Pendant

Damascus Diamond Pendant, Size: 1.1 Inches.

Damascus Heart Pendant

Heart Pendant, Pattern: Ladder, Size: 1.25 Inches

Damascus Drop Pendant with Brass Inlay

Damascus Drop Pendant with Brass inlay, Size: 1.25 Inches

Damascus Coffin Pendant

Damascus Coffin Pendant, Size: 2 Inches.

Damascus Paisley Pendant

Paisley Pendant, Size: 2 inches, Raindrop Pattern

Sparrow Wing Pendant

Sparrow Wing Pendant. Size: 2.75 Inches, Ladder Pattern

Old Lookin Damascus Buckle...

Old Looking Damascus Steel Buckle, Fits to 35mm Belt, Twist Pattern.

Damascus Steel Flat Belt Buckle

Front Side
Damascus Steel Flat Belt Buckle, Fits to 35mm Leather Belt. Raindrop Pattern.

Antique Looking Damascus Belt Buckle

Front Side
Antique Looking Damascus Belt Buckle, Fits in 35mm Leather Belt... Twist Pattern
Back Side

Damascus Steel Flat Buckle

Back Side
Damascus Steel Flat Belt Buckle, Fits to 35mm Leather Belt. Raindrop Pattern
Front Side

Old Style Frame Buckle... with Damascus Steel Parts.

Old Style Frame Buckle, Raindrop Pattern, with Damascus Steel Parts....

Old Style Frame Buckle

Very Fine old style Frame Buckle, with Raindrop Pattern and Damascus Pin... Fits to 35mm Leather Belt