Thursday, October 11, 2012

Damascus Steel DE Safety Razor Set, Damascus Steel Shaving Brush and Damascus Steel Shaving Stand

 Damascus Steel DE Safety Razor Set. Shaving Set include DE safety head attached to Damascus Steel Handle. Shaving Brush Handle is made of Damascus Steel. Silver tip badger hairs are 26mm X 65mm and overall length is 110mm. Shaving stand for safety razor and shaving brush is made full of Damascus Steel.

 Safety Razor length is 110mm.
Silver Tip Badger Hair Brush with Damascus Steel Handle. Silver Tip Badger Hair knot is 26mm in Diameter and length of Hairs is 65mm. Overall length of shaving brush is 110mm.


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  2. I would love to get a Razor Handle like that one. Is this possible? If so please let me know how I can go about this.

  3. Sorry Gentlemen. I didn't checked the blog for few months. You can directly contact me at if there are any questions or queries.
    Thank You