Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fancy Straight Razor Scales for Vintage Straight Razor Blades

 Snakewood and ebony wood fancy straight razor scales
Ebonywood straight razor scales for Wade and Butcher Chopper restoration. Brass base is fileworked and Mosaic pin application on the the scale.
Jute Micarta used on Brass base to make a Fancy Straight Razor Scale, 6/8", 7/8" and 8/8" Vintage Blades can be restored with this Fancy Straight Razor Scale.
 Fileworke all around the scale
 This is handmade Straight Razor Scale and weight is approximately 75 - 80 grams
 Mosaic Pin used on the Razor Scale to make it more beautiful and gave it a great hand made look
 Along with the Mosaic Pin, Fiber Spacers and Brass Spacers are used on the Razor Scale
 Handmade Snakewood Straight Razor Scale. Snakewood used with Brass Base with Fiber and Brass Spacers. 6/8", 7/8" and 8/8" Vintage blades can be restored with Fancy Scale

 Filework all around the scale, Weight of Fancy Scale is 75 - 80 grams

 Highly figured snakewood is used for the scale.
Mosaic Pin used on the scales to make it an awesome collection item.

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