Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Straight Razor Scales, wade and butcher, dubl duck, Dovo, Solingen, Buffalo Horn, Camel Bone, Ebony, Snakewood, Burls, Bulls eye Washers and many more

We offer a wide range of straight razor scales to restore the vintage straight razors. Above is the one picture of snakewood scales. Size of scale is 5 3/4" and it can fit 6/8", 7/8" and 8/8" Straight Razors.
Along with the straight razor scales we also offer hardware for assembling vintage blade to the scales. Hardware includes bulls eye washers and brass pins along with Teflon Standard Washers.
Snakewood scales for vintage blade restorations are famous for many reasons. These are beautiful in look. Reddish brown streaks on Dark Brown base and some have darker and some of those are lighter in finish. Snakewood scales are hard and durable. Snakewood scales would give life to your vintage blade and lost for life time.
Snakewood scales can also be customized as per the request. The standard snakewood scale made by Damascus Deal will fit 6/8", 7/8" and 8/8" width vintage blades. We also produce larger scales for Wade and Butcher blades. You can also send us sketches or technical drawings to copy and make exact Straight Razor Scales you are looking for.
 Amboyna burl is another great wood for Straight Razor Scales and fortunately we have it for our customers.
Above is the example for customized vintage straight razor scales in Amboyna Burl. You can submit sketch/drawing of vintage straight razor blade and we will design according to the blade and come up with some great shapes of Straight Razor Scales.
Here is another example of customized Straight Razor Scales, This one shape is used mostly with Japanese Straight Razors.
 This is the combination of Stainless Steel and Amboyna burl. Both these make a worth watching Straight Razor Scale. We use screws to assemble vintage razor in these scales and give it some modern look to the razors.
Above is the example of Straight Razor Scales in Ebony wood. Pointed shape of the scales is used in modern day straight razors. Like Straight Razors from Thiers-Issard, and the plus point is we are flexible on the sizes of scales you can fit your favorite brand  wade and butcher, dubl duck, Dovo, Sheffield Straight or Solingen made razors.
 Pointed Straight Razor scales in Camel Bone, Camel bone straight razor scales vary their tones from pure white to yellowish white. Camel bone is hard, shiny and durable natural material. It looks like ivory and have minimal torsional twist to them.
 Camel Bone scales in the above image are newly designed with flat cut on ends. These Straight razor scales are ready to fit 6/8", 7/8" and 8/8" wide vintage razor blades.
This is classical replication of wade and butcher scale in Camel Bone. Long, Hard, Thin vintage scale is ready to restore wade and butcher chopper.
 This is another example of wade and butcher replica for chopper in snake wood. Scale is hard and shiny with complete hardware available for restoring a straight razor.
 The exact copy of wade and butcher scale is pure black buffalo horn, Few scales may have some blonde or white streaks in Wade and Butcher Scale. Although pure black or jet black is also available to give life to your vintage wade and butcher chopper. Restoration is at it best with buffalo horn chopper scale.
Black Buffalo Horn scale to restore 6/8", 7/8" and 8/8" Vintage straight razor blades. A perfect scale for people who wants natural, shiny and customized scales. 
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Ebony wood scales are pure black or jet black in color and occasionally chocolate brown in color. Ebony wood have very dense grain and Straight Razor Scales are sheen and shiny.
Hexagonal bulls eye washers are used to assemble the parts of scales together. Scales are available as separate pieces as well as assembled. Wedge uses in spacers is also Ebony wood.
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 Color, tone and texture variation in Snakewood in above photograph.
Pointed Straight Razor scales in Snakewood. This shape is common in Thiers-Issard, and Dovo modern day Straight Razors, or any other razor with width of 6/8", 7/8" and 8/8" width can be assembled in these scales.
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 Here is an close-up of Bulls eye washer in Brass, The butt washers are also available in doomed shape, inverted and also hexagonal bulls eye washer shapes.
Wedges are 1.5mm - 2.0mm thick for our regular Vintage Straight Razor Scales, Although we also make up to 3.5mm thick wedges on demand.